Enlight the world by telling the stories

I carve out a story using the technique of paper cutout, which is the art of subtraction.

I use AR and other technologies to make the stories illusioned by watching and touching.

I create "paper cutout fairy tales", which is a combination of paper cutouts and fairy tales. The story is about how to think when you hit upon troubles and I'd like to help those who have negative mindsets to live a positive life.

Also I show the story of great men and historical documents with AR(augmented reality), and stimulate the intellectual curiosity.

Guide people to express themselves with confidence and live freely

Envisioning the fancy ideas is the work that the mind does.
Thinking about specific plans for realizing them is the work that the head does.

I support who wants to be expressionist by telling how to express themselves authentically and how to embody the ideas.