Kageori's Newsletter 2021


This work is a compilation of columns that were delivered in the email magazine "Kageori's Newsletter" in 2021.

It collects articles written on themes such as:

・Methods for expressing oneself with peace of mind
・Tips for living freely as one's authentic self
・Ways for sensitive individuals to live more comfortably

Table of Contents (excerpt):

・How to approach times when being true to yourself makes you worry about inconveniencing others
・The story of how the first step in creativity is fulfilling oneself
・The next steps in creative fulfillment
・Why is it difficult for us to recognize our own talents?
・How to approach moments when your emotions are greatly affected by social media and news
・The value of having strong convictions
・The story of attachment born from the fear that "the amount available is limited"
・Understanding true intentions by observing actions rather than words
・What does it mean to "deliver value"?
・Tips for not being swayed by emotions
・The connection between the physical well-being and mental well-being

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