Kageori's Newsletter 2022


This work is a compilation of columns that were delivered in the email magazine "Kageori's Newsletter" in 2022.

It collects articles written on themes such as:

・Methods for expressing oneself with peace of mind
・Tips for living freely as one's authentic self
・Ways for sensitive individuals to live more comfortably

Table of Contents (excerpt):

・Why is it okay to remain weak and fragile?
・If someone tells you "Don't do it," would you do it? Stop? Or just leave it?
・How to spend a day when everything goes wrong
・The struggle of not being productive despite reducing workload
・The story of the dark magic of words
・How should we interpret the world?
・Creating a sense of fulfillment by fabricating memories! The tale of memory manipulation
・The story of how the desire to do something never faded even after ten years
・The essence of liking oneself
・How do we choose the means to reach our desired goals?
・When you want to learn something new but feel reluctant
・How to approach times when busyness threatens to consume your spirit

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